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Not once has he complained, Julie Gichuru admits to being a terrible cook

 Julie Gichuru with her husband

Wondering how many of us would quite comfortably open up about our weaknesses. This can be a little bit difficult especially revealing it to someone you would wish to impress (especially while dating)

For Julie Gichuru however she has opened up about something she says she is not really good at. In a long post she revealed that she for sure, isn’t a good cook.

The society around here has for a long time ridiculously made cooking a pre-requisite for wife material! This has been a subject of discussion over time but those for it have continuously lost the argument because “there’s much more to marriage.”

 "Honey, you need to know I can't cook." She told the husband who simply laughed it off. In her narration she said she was glad her husband has never complained

Well her candid post tells the story coherently.


"I have developed a love for healthy food & even cooking. For those who are not aware, I am a terrible cook.

Many years ago when I was at Capital FM, things were serious with Mr G, so I decided to come clean on all issues. "Honey, you need to know I can't cook." He laughed but I was dead serious, "I mean I REALLY can't cook." He just smiled & that was that, or so I thought.

What’s the one thing that never fails to make you feel better?

A few days later he came to my apartment with a bag of groceries then sat in the sitting room with a newspaper. "OK," I said to myself, "he's playing house & trying to test my kitchen skills. This is disastrous!" Not one to turn down a challenge for things that I care about, I took his cue. Into the kitchen I went & did my very best.

I served the meal & he seemed brave enough to ignore any risks of eating the frothy, ominous looking chicken ramen I placed before us. "I'm starving," he said enthusiastically & took a spoonful. I watched keenly. He chewed, swallowed & a few seconds later looked up at me & asked, "Can I take you out for dinner?" ???????????? In close to 19 years together, not once has he complained while I have enjoyed his choma & more.

I want to make something he will truly enjoy. I have a new recipe for a super-fabulous omelette.

Tested it on my eldest son & when he asked me if I could make him another one I knew it was a winner! I told hubby I was making his breakfast today. He smiled cautiously & said, "Great! But does anyone have the number of the closest hospital?" My little one burst into laughter. Very funny, NOT, I thought. ????

Undeterred I make the omelette, I add sautéed mixed vegetables on the side & lightly fried sliced tomatoes. He takes the first bite, then the second, and in a few minutes he has cleared the plate. Then he asks, "Can you please make me another one?" YES! Victory! I smell VICTORY!!! I want to jump up and down but contain myself. "So, did you like it?" I ask calmly. "Yes, it was very good!" he responds enthusiastically, then he adds, "I'm just waiting to see if I change colour." Yeah. Funny Guy. ????

In moments the second one was all gone with just a couple of slices of tomato left. I feel incredibly accomplished now!

Life is a journey ????????????????””

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