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This oil gives men hairy chests and helps those scared of going bald.

For best results, apply three to five drops

What’s the big deal about hairy chests? It all depends on who you ask and while some women like it bare, others prefer it bushy.

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The same may not be said about what men think about too much hair or lack of it. In certain cultures for instance, hair on the chest is such a big deal that hairless men are either sent away from drinking dens or secluded during meetings; it can get to those extremes.

But with rapid hair growth products, hairless days could be a thing of the past. Hairnow, a product imported from Japan, stimulates growth of hair in slightly over month, this according to Carol Kimani, one of the dealers in this hair growth miracle.

“The product is organic and naturally made of hippophae rhamnoides and polygonum multiflorum which are both species of flowers,” Kimani says. “The product is basically meant to treat hair loss, stimulate faster hair growth, reverse premature graying and slow down the process of balding.”

Helps those scared of going bald.?

According to Carol, one must faithfully apply three to five drops of Hairnow on the beard, scalp, private parts, chest or strategic parts of the body and, “hair will begin to grow. Six weeks later, you should start seeing the outcome.”

The dealers say Hairnow is ideal for men, women and children above five years.

But those with sensitive skin, “must get a doctor’s prescription first,” she told CityBiz.

“Treating hair loss takes time, two months to be precise, but the results will be magical,” she says. 

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Hairnow 50ml retails for Sh4,000 in Nairobi, but customers outside the city pay Sh500 more.

Carol started the business for men who desire hairy chests to impress their girlfriends and those who are scared of going bald.

Carol is mostly based online and delivers the product to 40 regular clients.

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