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Nothing romantic about men

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I don't know why a good number of women in our generation have turned their heads away from marriage but I can assure you that one of the reasons is the non-romantic nature of the men in their lives. I mean who would want to say "I do" to living with a man who doesn't even understand the meaning of love? A man who responds to a romantic text three hours later with an "Okay" as if words will crash his phone!

Men have either distanced themselves from being romantic or have just decided to give romance another meaning all together. What's so hard in taking your woman for a romantic dinner once in a while? Must you always be with 'The boys' every night? These very 'boys' who will introduce another woman to you and act like your wife is the only one whenever she is around. Worse still, they will start flattering her giving her all the sweet names when they visit so that she makes them the best ugali and wet fry before peacefully releasing her husband to them.

The husband they will disappear with and milk dry all through the weekend only to show up on Sunday afternoon complaining of a migraine and behaving like a bulldozer just ran over them missing their heart by a whisker! Dear husbands, when you have a migraine, head to the hospital and sort yourselves there! We cannot be wives and doctors to the same people while all they are to us is a chronic ailment.

One time, I decided to take matters in my hand and introduce romance to my relationship. Armed with my lingerie and scented candles, I welcomed my man smiling only for him to warn me not to disturb him if a caught a cold because of exposing my 'chest'. He then started complaining to me that the scented candles were making him sneeze! Seriously, if you can stand sheesha sniffing buddies my scented candles should be like oxygen to you! I was left in the living room standing helplessly in my lingerie as he mumbled to himself words dragging his feet towards the washroom. The same words he can barely type when answering a romantic text. I swore to myself to end the relationship with immediate effect and seek a better man in terms of romance. Little did I know a good number of them are cut from the same cloth! Sometimes I wish I had stayed put and accepted a romance less relationship, but then again I look at myself in the mirror and see a super woman.

One who deserves better treatment and life! Probably that's the reason why I am still searching and I am confident that I will be walked down the aisle in my Cinderella white gown as the crowd cheers at a beautiful bride. Then my man will start shading tears at the altar as he admires me.

I know you are probably laughing out loud wondering why I am day dreaming! Just wait right there and see me live my dream. I will be flown to the Bahamas for my Birthday, he will propose somewhere in the air and my wedding will hit the airwaves. He will never waste his precious time with 'the boys' as most men do. Mine will be a Ninja created specifically for me. Watch this space and keep your cameras rolling!

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