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Ladies, here’s how to use your ‘cookie jar’ to keep your man in check

Day after day I hear ladies whining about their negligent husbands and boyfriends. They gripe about how they shoulder the bulk of household chores while their significant other lounges on the couch with the remote control in his hand, never lifting a finger to help out.

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Others complain that their men never splurge money on gifts for them or treat them to nice, romantic dinners. These women don’t realise that they hold the ultimate bargaining tool; sex! You use money to coerce your kids to do their chores around the house and you use treats to get a dog to behave appropriately. Men work the same way, only in this instant your weapon is sex.


You can use sex as a bargaining tool to make your man act right in the relationship. Men are simple minded beings that can be controlled like puppets. A man will do virtually anything on the promise of sex. I’ve seen men drive for miles, skip a job interview or an exam and put up with psychotic women just to get some.


The saying that sex is power holds true. Whoever controls this aspect in a relationship has all the power and more often than not, it is the woman. The problem is that women are giving it away for nothing. Even when he is being a jerk or he refuses to do anything nice for you.


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Men respond to sex or lack thereof. If you are not getting what you want right now he will pay closer attention if you stop giving him what he wants. You need to start withholding it until he tows the line. If he is good, you can reward him with some.


Withholding sex is a surefire way to get him to do what you want. You want him to help around the house and with the kids? Close shop until he shows some initiative. You want him to take you out to a nice restaurant? Promise him some action after dinner. You want a new car? It is time to whip out the corset and fishnet stockings and perfect your sexy striptease dance.


Ladies, action in the sack has to be earned. Don’t just give it away. If he doesn’t want to act right in the relationship, let him handle business with his hands until he comes to his senses. When you learn to use sex as a weapon and reward, you will train your man to do whatever you want. If you don’t feel like he deserves any, then simply starve him.


Sex as leverage

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Women have been using sex as leverage to get their husbands to do what they want them to do since time immemorial. They understand that they have power over something their men will always want. As they say, the most erotic thing a man can do for a woman is...the dishes.

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Let him know that seeing him scrubbing the plates puts you in the mood for romance. While he is busy scrubbing the pots and pans enjoy the time alone to run a bubble bath with a glass of wine. The relaxation will come in handy in preparing yourself to hold up your end of the deal.


For all the women who feel unappreciated in their relationships, it is time to take back control. Learn to continually withhold intimacy until he is a good boy. Use it as a weapon, a reward or both and you will soon notice drastic changes in your man. He will soon be bending over backwards to please you so he can get his reward.

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