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Pregancy scare: An easy way to get rid of a man

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No man ever forgives a woman who lies to him that she is pregnant. But there are exceptions. Carol is one such. She has to pay for her sins though. Now will be the time to leave her or decide the next phase. Cindy has kept off the whole saga.

You are not sure what exactly happened to her 'pregnancy'. How she acted when she broke the news, was convincing, it could win her an Oscar. You suspect she may have visited a doctor, but you are not ready to pursue that line. You almost got bullied into marriage, you are relieved that you can now exit if you want.

It is a Monday morning, you overreacted the previous evening after Carol told you she is not pregnant, and did not speak to her. She sent a text apologising for the misdemeanor late at night, but to express your displeasure you have not spoken to her. You want to see how she will react.

In the meantime, you have been asking yourself 'why the prank?'. You only have one explanation, however self-flattering: she actually wants to get married to you. You entertained the idea the whole of last week. You pity the man far away who probably loves her and looks forward to marrying her. But life is unfair, as the man will soon learn. Or so you wish.

At midday, she sends another "bado, umejam?" text with a million suggestive emojis. It has a familiar, cheeky ring to it. Carol never used to be this open or funny. You want to psychologically torture her. As you think about what to tell her, she sends you a picture of herself, making faces on WhatsApp, and one focused on her flat tummy. "Be easy, it is not that serious," she goes in a stream of texts, clearly panicking that you are offended.

You are thinking about how best to exact revenge. She has to undergo some mental anguish. "You will pay for your lying and running my blood pressure high," you text her.

She laughs back. "You can do whatever you want to do with me..."

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This is unlike Carol. She is not the reserved girl you have been knowing all along. "I will kill you," you text dryly.

"If it will make you happy," she responds. And that is the problem with the woman you have slept with. She knows your weaknesses and knows what buttons to press to drive you nuts for fun.

Now your big task is how to fully plunge into the relationship or exit. This is the only opening. After this, everything will get murky. You plan to sit her down, and sort out the pending issues: her boyfriend, her friend Cindy and yourself. Sometimes women can lack foresight. Or too lost in the moment to think about consequences of their actions.

In the evening as you drive home, listening to some new-jack-swing mix, you don't know where you got it from, she calls you. You don't pick up and it is followed up with a text: "Dinner on me, and more if you feel like, already home." Whatever she is up to, you are terrifically impressed. The traffic couldn't move any faster.

You get home, and you discover that she has outdone herself, with a meal that looks Coastal. She is dressed in a way that disarms you and any residual rage you had is gone. She hugs you and apologises profusely. Sounds genuine. Since she has never cooked for you, you are surprised that she is actually adept at it. Is this the beginning of an end, or the end of a beginning?

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