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Tips to beat the chill and let your skin prosper

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Chapped lips, dry and flaky skin, dehydrated and dull hair. These are some of the effects of cold weather on your skin and hair. The change in weather not only calls for a change in wardrobe, it also demands that you alter your daily beauty care regimen. As temperatures and humidity levels drop, the air becomes drier and sucks the moisture from your skin and hair. If you have dry skin or suffer from conditions such as eczema, you might notice that your skin is more likely to get flaky during the colder months of the year. To keep your skin glowing through the cold season, use the following tips to tweak your beauty routine accordingly.

Dry scaly skin
With the cold, dry air constantly sucking the moisture from your skin, your skin cells are crying for hydration. You might have found a moisturiser which works just fine for the warmer seasons. But it might not offer your skin the best hydration in winter. Cold, windy weather calls for a heavy-duty moisturisers rich in humectants such as hyaluronic acid and urea and barriers to lock in the moisture such as paraffin.
Try Vaseline Intensive Rescue Relief and Repair Balm, Lubriderm Dermatologist Developed Daily Moisture Lotion, or Garnier Skin Naturals Hydralock Moisturising Milk. If you usually use a lotion, you might want to switch to a cream or an ointment. You can also go for natural plant oils like argan, coconut, avocado, or almond.

Layer up
As the temperatures drop, you are probably going to layer you clothes for warmth. You should do the same with your skin care products.
First layer: After cleansing your face, apply a light serum rich in peptides and salicylic acid to soothe and heal your skin.
Second layer: Add an antioxidant like vitamin C which brightens and protects the skin against sun damage, and boosts collagen production.
Third layer: Add on a moisturiser to seal in active ingredients from your serum, an oil (skip this if you're wearing more than one serum), and a lightweight sunscreen. After layering your skincare products, you can now top it with makeup.

Bye hot showers
Frolicking in a nice, hot shower or bath sounds like a great idea when it's freezing outside. Sadly, this is the perfect time to bring down the temperature for both showers and baths. Hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to dryness and irritation. If your shower or bath water is too hot, it will dilate capillaries to cool the skin, which can lead to redness. The rule of thumb is to keep your showers and baths lukewarm and brief. For an extra oomph, add oatmeal and baking soda to a lukewarm bath once a week.

Skip the toners
Toners are usually made with alcohol to absorb oil and tighten the pores. In harsh, cold weather, the alcohol in toners can be very harsh and drying. Additionally, the alcohol in your toner can irritate your skin and lead to more oil production and acne breakouts. Instead of toner, spritz an alcohol-free, hydrating face mist.
Tip: You can make your own face mist by mixing two cups of water with ten drops of chamomile essential oil.

Moderate exfoliation
During the cold season, your skin needs more TLC than usual. This might mean going easy on exfoliation. This isn't the time to go for harsh face peels or scrubs, which can make your skin drier. If you notice drying or flakiness, switch to gentler formulas with lactic acid or soothing fruit acids. A gentle exfoliator you might want to try is Garnier Clean Invigorating Daily Scrub. Avoid stronger acids such as glycolic acid. Exfoliate no more than once a week.

Tender lips
Don't forget to extend some love to your lips. In cold weather, they are even more prone to dryness and chapping. Keep them well hydrated by drinking enough water, and applying deeply hydrating balms or lip gloss made of natural oils and waxes. Go for balms with beeswax, shea butter, and petrolatum to seal in moisture and prevent chapping. Avoid licking your lips- saliva has enzymes which can break down lip's thin skin.

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