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Do people have a problem with beautiful women?

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If a girl is beautiful, very beautiful, jealously beautiful, too beautiful, there is that group of people who will say, " Take away the skin colour and she will be a 'normal' girl." It's just the light skin! They will scoff. A 'normal' girl, according to them, is not supposed to be very beautiful. Apparently, being very beautiful is abnormal!

Others will say, "Without the hips and the booty, she's just like 'any other' girl." Who are those 'any other' girls? Every 'any other' girl is expected to be a landlady with two flats and a backyard.

"Ni nywele tu, hapo hakuna urembo," you'll hear them yap. So she shouldn't have naturally long beautiful hair? I've a feeling you expected the gods to meet and hit her with all the ugliness in the world because according to you and your negative thoughts she should be ugly all round. Or you want her to be bald for what your gain?

You say it's the clothes that make her beautiful, akitoa hakuna kazi hapo. Okay, she's expected to adopt Kanye West's screaming wardrobe and walk around looking like the living dead? Listen, her nice figure complements the clothes not the other way round. Or maybe you wanted her to have a figure like that of an overripe avocado, so that life would be more bearable for your selfish self? You who can't stand the sight of a beautiful woman or beautiful features in a woman.

We are yet to figure out what a 'kawaida' woman is to you. A 'kawa' woman shouldn't be unapologetically beautiful? Some of you hope that God, on that fateful day when he took Adam's rib and created a woman, this unapologetically beautiful woman, He should at least have given her a third eye and a nose occupying half the space on her face so she wouldn't have to be that cute.

A beautiful, intelligent woman can't even walk around without being called a bimbo because this group of people will take away her brain. A beautiful woman can't even refuse to give in to bull$#!t because doing so, "anaringa juu ni mrembo." Apparently, beautiful women should give in and put up with rubbish?

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How does she eke out a living with all that beauty? They will ask. With beauty, life and all the good things in it are handed to beautiful women on a silver plata. The gods will write you off fat cheques, punctuate your life with nice cars, stamp it with a good house, sign you title deeds putting a full stop to a miserable life.

To some people, suffocating beauty isn't allowed to exist. "Utazeeka tu." Do you want them to die before their they age? Who told you they aren't comfortable with the wrinkles and other unsightly skin folds that come with old age? "Utachapa tu.." Where do we rest or sit down and think about this statement? Everything and everyone wears out with time it's science, well, except God's love, so we will choose to love God in return and leave you alone because we might do something that might keep us from going to heaven and enjoy this unending unwavering unconditional love.

If a woman is beautiful, she's beautiful, try not to justify her beauty.

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