Evewoman : Are men wired to cheat on their wives/girlfriends?

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Are men wired to cheat on their wives/girlfriends?

(From Left) Moha, Joe and Anthony                               Photo: Jenipher Wachie

"Nag like a woman or cheat like a man?" So do they? Do men naturally cheat on their wives/girlfriends

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Anthony George Nderitu, Farmer/Businessman: No one is wired in a certain way. It’s just a way of making excuses. God created us all equal and gave us a mind with a conscience to make choices.

Anthony George Nderitu, Farmer/Businessman                    Photo: Jenipher Wachie

Moha Moas, Distributor: Wired, yes. Different factors contribute to it, mainly not being happy. Most of the time, men rush into marriage because of pressure from either parents or peer group. After one is fixed, then he has no choice but to keep cheating to find happiness. You need to marry your best friend. If not, then it becomes a routine to cheat.

Moha Moas, Distributor                                                    Photo: Jenipher Wachie

Joe Gashwe, IT Manager Naivas: No, it's about the choices and decisions one makes. There are good men out there.

Joe Gashwe, IT Manager                                                  Photo: Jenipher Wachie

Frank Mulwa, Businessman: The simple reason they were created is to give company not to cheat. Real men do not cheat on their wives/girlfriends those who cheat are very wicked. It’s an ungodly, evil thing to do. It’s not in God’s plan for a man to cheat but it’s his responsibility to love his woman unconditionally.

Frank Mulwa, Businessman                                         Photo: Jenipher Wachie


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