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The five different types of men you're likely to date


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We’ve all heard the saying, guys will be guys, and they do live up to those words. Every guy however does it differently. Here’s how; 

#Guy1: The one night stand guy: The guy who spent the whole night spoiling you, buying you every drink you asked for, even offered to take you home, and you thought, he is such a great guy, maybe I’ll just let him have it, since he is such a nice guy.

You wake up the next morning, and find him dressed and asking you, so, what time do you want me to drop you off?” He doesn’t call you, not even a “Hey” on Whatsapp, hell he probably didn’t even ask for your number.

Then you meet him and two weeks or a month, and he’s with three other girls, you’re in a sour mood and he simply won’t care. He’s usually good for rebounds but nothing further.

#Guy2: The silent killer: Then there’s the guy who will be just be as nice but won’t try anything, instead, he will take you home and call you the next day, he will however expect something from you and best believe, he will come collect. He will do it cunningly too, you won’t even notice that he just did that. He’s just a douche like that.

#Guy3: The straightforward bad boy: The third guy is the one who will clearly tell you his intentions, the moment he sees you, likes what he sees, wants what he sees, he will mark his territory and go for it.

 He also makes sure he doesn’t lead you on, but if he wants to hit it again, he will do just that. He’s the one you want to randomly hook up when you need a break from your standards and lady habits.

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#Guy4: The good guy: The fourth guy is the nice guy, he wants to wine and dine you and make sure you feel like an angel. He wants to get to know you and is patient enough to see everything through. He is the one you want if you want to get into something and a fairytale ending.

#Guy5: The friendzoned guy:  The fifth guy is the one who just automatically falls into the friend zone. He is friendly and just talks smack with you, sticks by your side and singles out other girls with you. He might even like you at some point but won’t dare try something because now he’s just your little buddy. He could even become your best friend.

People say guys are simple, and often so, but they are also complicated and confusing, for instance, you might meet a guy who starts off the Guy number 3, but eventually, he might just morph into Number 4 and still disappear on you.

You can never tell, because ultimately, all guys are all those 5 guys in one, and a little extra too, it just depends on which version of him you’ve met that one day.

So ladies, don’t fret the guy who didn’t call, and hit it and just disappeared. If it didn’t become your dream relationship, smile, there’s someone else for that.

So keep smiling…


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