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Come on moms! Spare us your bedroom drama

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I read an interesting post on one of the many Facebook groups I subscribe to. In the post, this lady whose name I will not mention, confesses that her marriage has lost the spark and now she feels zilch for her husband. Her big confession? She is so out of love, in search for answers, she is now seeing her ex and to quote her “is so in love with him.”

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Human beings generally love scandals and as expected; comments started flowing in fast and furious immediately the post was uploaded.

Some openly condemned the philandering woman for her evil ways while others lauded her for following her heart. My view on this debacle was ‘so what? Keep it to yourself!”

And today, I will tackle those oh-so-personal issues that you really need not share with the rest of the world because they care less and it is really none of their business. Thus, you do not need to announce them on social media, just share with your family and inner circle, toss wine and move on.

Dirty sins:

So you were once happily married but all of a sudden you no longer have feelings for your dear hubby and are even having an illicit affair behind his back, please spare us your Facebook friends the details. Why confess on social media? You want to seek validation? You are an adult, you know what is wrong and what is right plus the consequences, so if you are messing in that manner just keep it to yourself.

Small milestones:

If you are the liberal type, it is OK to announce to your friends and family when celebrating a big milestone like an anniversary or a birthday, but there are some small milestones you would rather keep out of social media.

For instance, your nine month old baby has made her grand maiden steps and you want to put the video on social media, for all of us to cheer. Totally unnecessary. That is such a precious yet personal moment you need not spoil it by posting it on social media.

Your flashy life:

You are so blessed you can afford to eat in all posh places the who is who visit, you also fly business class to all posh destinations in the world, awesome. Blessed as you are, please spare us the open display of your abundant life. You do not need to put it all over our face making us feel so miserable and forgotten. Just enjoy your blessed life quietly.

Your escapades:

 You get this scholarship or fellowship to go abroad and now we cannot sleep because of the floodgate of photos on our notifications. If you are in India for a one year fellowship, you do not need to suffocate us every day with all the mini landmarks in Mumbai. If you must impress us, just take a picture at Taj Mahal and stop there.

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