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5 lies men tell their women

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For a long time, we have all focused on the lies that women tell, especially men. However we need to take a look at it on both sides.  Women lie, right, well men do so as well, in fact, at times they lie and you won’t even notice them do it. Here is a list of 5 lies that men tell all the time.

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I only have eyes for you

This is a statement that most men use to make their girl feel secure and that she’s the only one. Men can’t resist when they see an attractive woman: You might be on a lunch date and hot woman passes by and your guy checks her out, but when you ask, he tells you “ I wasn’t looking at her.” Well it’s not so bad to look, but when your guy starts to compares you to other woman, lady you have a problem at hand.

I can’t wait to meet your parents

Your guy may tell you that but to most of them it’s just but a fallacy. Other men will genuinely want to meet your parents but the phrase “I can’t wait”, well, never take it too seriously. Most men are overwhelmed with the thought of meeting the girl’s parents, especially the father.

It’s nerve-breaking to them when they think of how well they can present themselves to the parents. Ladies men, who are serious about you, when that time comes, will not find it hard it meeting your parents, but the men who keep on postponing the meeting, well, think twice.

I want to take things slow

Most men are known to go for what they want, when they see it. When you meet a guy and he tells you he wants to take things slow, basically, he is not ready to commit himself to you. Maybe all he wants is a girl who can make love to him from a stressful day at the office, or someone he can take with to some of those important events. For ladies who are ready for commitment, avoid the men who “want to take things slow”.

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I would never lie to you

Literally, everyone lies, especially those who like admitting that they don’t lie. In fact some people lie to survive. As a woman you should always be on the look out and be able to differentiate the white lies your man tells you, to the big lies.

Some men will generally lie simply because they genuinely don’t want to hurt you or the lie is going to benefit you. Despite this, men can lie from any point, from what they ate for lunch to making you believe that his parents like you, when they actually don’t.

You are the hottest girl I have ever met.

Okay ladies you are hot, but he is lying when he says you are the hottest girl he has ever met. I mean, the guy has met dozens of women up to where he is now and he has seen a lot of hotter women than you.

Probably he has even met Charlize Theron in his head. He might sincerely love you, but girl, you definitely are not the hottest girl he has ever met.

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