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4 things women do in bed that men hate

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One may think that the moment you welcome a guy into the haven of your inner being, he will be happy. Apparently that is not the case. There is more to just giving yourself. As you will see it does not take much to please your guy but there are some things women do that are a buzz kill.

One style

Routine is the last thing that should ever creep up in your relationship. Especially during your sexual escapades. So try to spice up your bedroom antics by going out of your way to do something different.


Sometimes ladies can be least interested in going down and dirty but they have to fulfil their conjugal obligations either way, so they resort to lying flat leaving the guy to do all the work. Once again it is a major buzzkill, many men say it feels like they are humping a stump.


As a cardinal rule, gadgets should not be used I bed. So texting in bed is another thing that men hate when it comes to bedroom matters.

Too aggressive

At this point I know you are wondering, what is it that men want. Lets just say moderation is key. While it is a turn on if the missus gets kinky when it borders on the extreme, it is dangerous and frightening at the same time.

That said when it comes to intimacy, both parties should put in the necessary effort.


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