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Ideal workouts for couch potatoes

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Simply moving more and sitting less can really boost your health. You need to learn to go from sitting down more often to moving around a lot. Those little movements everyday matter more than even those regular trips to the gym.

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Here are some more ideal ways to make such concepts work for you.

Increase your movement

If you have a desk job or just lazing on your coach as soon as you get home, train yourself to get up more. This could help you live longer. Research on exercise physiology and physical activity shows that people who stand and move more actually live longer than sedentary peers.

Sitting for extended periods has been linked with several ailments like obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Try getting up often maybe hourly or so and walk to the rest room, get a refill of water or just stand up to stretch to decrease body stiffness, boost energy and burn some calories. While watching TV, during commercial breaks, get up and move. Do a few stretches, walk around the house and get some few things done before sitting back down.

Try to add in some steps

Find creative ways to increase steps every day in whatever you do. If you are always mobile, park at the far end of the parking lot or get to the bus stop early enough and travel by bus. Such extra steps will rev up your calorie burning process significantly and make it easier for you to lose weight or maintain an ideal weight.

Take the stairs whenever possible

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If climbing stairs ain’t your cup of tea, take the elevator up and walk down on your way out. Climbing stairs is one great way to burn calories and strengthen your legs.

Make it a habit to carry your groceries

If you live within a walking distance of your shopping center, see whether you can carry your groceries home rather than a drive. If you have to drive, turn loading and unloading the car into an exercise instead of calling for help. Just add a few arm workouts every time you lift a bag out of your trunk.

Play some music as you clean

Cleaning is one at home exercise that we all have to do. Though sometimes you might hate it, it is ideal to keep your body moving. Just psych yourself up by turning on some music. A good inspirational tune can add some extra pep to your steps as you clean, iron and tidy up your house.

The music coupled with your movement can cause the brain to signal the release of serotonin which is a good hormone for creating emotional benefits.

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