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How to make your nails beautiful and healthy


I discovered acrylics late last year, and I must say that they are addictive. Who wouldn’t want perfectly manicured nails that last between three weeks and a month, depending on how fast your nails grow.

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You can also experiment with colours and nail art, due to the fact that the colour doesn’t chip. My nail colour works into my theme for the month. This month, my nails are dark green with a block of cold flecks, which is associated with nature, health, and money.

Although it’s nice to have perfect looking nails, there is a downside. The continuous use of acrylics cause your nails to weaken. Once you remove the acrylics, you’re likely to have thin nails which tear and break.

What can you do?

This is by taking a break from all types of polish, and leaving them naked for at least a month. Letting your nails breathe will help them regain their strength.

2. Apply a nail strengthener:

After one month, apply a nail hardener or strengthener every three days.

3. Keep your nails short:

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Cut your nails and file them regularly. Post acrylic nails are prone to breakage and splitting, therefore keep them as short as possible. Remember to file in only one direction.

Increase your intake of healthy fats such as avocados, raw nuts, fish and olive oil. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to hydrate your nails.

 Eat protein daily to strengthen your nails. Also include bone broth and calcium rich foods such as yoghurt. Supplements for your skin, hair and nails such as biotin and B vitamins will benefit your nails.

Try to wear gloves when cleaning and washing dishes. If you’re soaking in the bathtub, keep your hands out of the tub. Water will cause your nails to dry out and weaken. However, drinking plenty of water is great for your nails.

Oil your hands and nails regularly using natural oils such as castor or olive oil. After washing, moisturise your hands to prevent dryness. Once a week, dip your fingers in warm olive oil for a few minutes and then cover them in socks or gloves.

Allow the oil to penetrate and then wipe dry. Refrain from using hand sanitisers as they are extremely drying.

It takes about four months for your nails to fully recover and regain their strength. Nails replace themselves after six months so don’t give up.

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