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He has a man cave, so make your she-shed


Lately, there is little or no difference in price between say a two-bedroom and three-bedroom. If you happen to have chosen an extra-roomed house over a smaller one because there was no much difference price-wise, here’s a new practical trend for what to do with that extra room.

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Over the years we have used the extra room as a guest-room in waiting but with changing times, you can go two years without hosting any overnight guests. An indoor “she-shed” (the female answer to man cave envy) will make your space livable in a way you had no idea you could possibly achieve.

So what’s a she-shed? She-sheds also known as mom-caves are like man-caves but with extra glam. These two terms are both used to mean a hide-out in the home where the man of the house or the lady of the house can go to sit out and relax.

Most sheds are outdoor but you can bring the same indoor as well. A servants’ quarters’ that you are not keen to let out can also make the perfect she-shed. Women are creating retreat zones in their homes for escaping the daily routine of home living.

In your she-shed, you can practice a new hobby or perfect an old one. It could be writing, painting, reading, knitting, yoga, pilates, dolling yourself up or doing beauty treatments that will scare everyone else, watching sappy movies and so much more.


Here’s what you will need:

• An empty room

• A cozy chair, chaise lounge or ham mock

• Some extra seats if you intend to have friends in the room

• A table

• A bookshelf or armoire for storage

• A sectional rug

• Recreational material (these could be items related to a specific hobby)

• Lamps or candles

• Wall art

• A refreshment cart

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• A mini fridge

• A small TV (optional for soap opera lovers)

• A radio

• A small bed if you intend to nap.


To create your she-shed:

1. Pick a room that is rarely used. If it has a lot of natural light or opens up to an outdoor area, more points to you.

2. Next you will arrange your furniture in the mood you want the space to have. If it’s a space for you to play board games with friends, a table with chairs around it will work.

If you are looking for an artist’s escape a painting stand with a long stool is perfect. If your main goal is to read, a reading nook set-up will work best for you.

3. Bring in accessories in different colours, textures, sizes and shapes.

4. Plug in the lights and electrical appliances.

Your she-shed is now ready to be enjoyed. Make sure to stock up your refrigerator or snack jar a few hours before you sneak into your get-away.

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