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How to decorate a long, narrow living room

The typical Kenyan renter has a huge dilemma when it comes to decorating - room layout! For as long as you keep moving houses, you encounter interesting room layouts.

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Furniture that had previously fit seamlessly in your apartment may not fit in the new maisonette you move into even just next door. Just in case you find yourself in a long narrow living room, here is how to decorate with ease.

Focal point

Pick a focal point. The focal point you pick will help you decide where the furniture faces. The longest piece of furniture goes along the longest wall.


Where is everyone going to walk through? This is a question you need to address as you arrange your room. Keep foot traffic on one side of the room.

Utilise vertical space

Maximize your vertical space to keep the floor space for furniture only. Mounting your TV screen on the wall is a great option for this kind of room. Wall-mounted shelves and ledges for books and keepsakes also keep your space clutter-free.

Room dividers

Sub-section your room into different living spaces, your sofa can go in the middle of the room, a bookshelf with an armchair can flank the short wall to create a reading nook. A desk and chair can also work. Use a bookshelf, console table or folding screen as a room divider to map out different spaces. You can also put one piece of furniture perpendicular to the room to denote a barrier. In the past, rooms were divided by running a curtain were one living space ended and another began.

Area rugs

Sectional rugs, also known as area rugs, are vital in a long living room. Different rugs can be used in a long room to denote different functions for the space. You can choose to have a rug at the seating area, another in your dining space or reading corner.


If you have no TV (or perhaps you prefer it in your bedroom), arrange your furniture in a way that encourages conversation, almost in a round-table manner.


Sectional sofas are your best friend for this kind of living room. You want to keep the divan on the shorter side of the wall. L-shaped sectionals fit best in this layout because they follow the natural layout of the room.


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Lighting is another challenge in a long space. Overhead central lighting alone will not work for you. A floor lamp here, a table lamp there will illuminate your space more.

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