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TV presenter Faith Muturi : 'I had 3 rings, 3 days and 3 locations for my wedding'


BRIDE: Faith Muturi

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GROOM: George Ngugi

DATE: 31st December 2015

GUESTS: 1,400

VENUE: Karen


FAITH: We met in church. On our first date we went for a play, then dinner. My favourite thing about him is that he is really good with details and is so thoughtful. We are similar as we both like adventure and the outdoors.

Different in that he's really big on structure and sticking to a fixed plan. I'm very spontaneous and open to pleasant surprises and changes along the way. The only thing I'd change about him is his attention to detail. Everything must add up, which makes it so hard to surprise him! Thankfully, we pulled a good surprise on him for his last birthday.

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GEORGE: I like her because she's a wellspring of joy and positive energy. The one thing I would change about her is the fact that she's so crazy about surprises.


FAITH: He blew me away... proposed three times. Three rings, three days, three locations - Kempinksy, Rift Valley and Limuru. It was so special. When I asked him why three rings, his response was, "The Bible says a three cord strand is not easily broken." So that's him, me and Jesus. I said, "yes" because he loves who I am, not what I am. He loves me in spite of me and we are surrendered to Jesus.

GEORGE: I chose her because she loves me for who I am, accepts my shortcomings and is my greatest cheerleader.


FAITH: We had locked down on the gown three months before the wedding. Nine days to the wedding, more like four days to, considering Christmas and the weekend, the suppliers shifted goal posts. That was totally unexpected as we had had communication and finalised on the agreement.

I was disappointed but somehow I didn't panic. A lady named Jeniffer had just come from the States and opened her bridal shop. I got to rent two of her new designer gowns. God so worked it out! I actually did three white dresses including the evening party. As one of our mentors loves saying: "Mungu wa Harusi"- He always comes through!

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Estimating the number of guests that would attend was a challenge. Since we chose to keep it open rather than invite only, we feared that we would be unable to cater for the numbers. We're happy to say that our prayers were answered and that there was more than enough food for everyone.

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FAITH: My most memorable moment was when my parents handed me over and reminded me that the presiding minister - Bishop Masinde - dedicated me as a baby, and that they have seen the prayers he made become a reality - that I would be a source of joy.

Somehow, I was a serious cry baby, but that changed to a jolly, happy girl. Now I understand why I'm always smiling! (Laughs) It reminded me that God keeps his promises through generations, so we can trust Him concerning our marriage.

GEORGE: The vows. I got emotional - it was such a God moment, really a covenant experience - beautifully so. I meant every word more than I could explain.


We did three locations. Nairobi, Limuru and Zanzibar. We hope to go to the States later this year- yes, the honeymoon won't stop.


It is totally worth the wait!! We are so glad we waited and honouring God is just priceless. Yes, it's possible. The lessons learnt in waiting have taught us invaluable lessons and helped us grow in character. I have so much respect and admiration for George.

WORDS: Nancy Nzau

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