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Why women go for bad boys


Women love bad boys even though we know they are not good for us. But why?

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We love danger

Women are generally attracted to the danger associated with bad boys, not knowing what they would do next or what will happen. This creates a thrill which they believe they cannot get with good guys.

We never learns our lesson

No matter how many times a woman has been hurt by bad boys they still continue dating the same type of guy.

Self-esteem issues

A woman with confidence issues will date a man who doesn’t treat her well because she does not feel like she deserved to be treated well.

“Fix him” syndrome

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Many women feel the need to “fix men” who have a broken personality. Most bad boys have a sort of tortured edge to them that attracts women. Whereas good guys don’t need fixing: %This is why most women aren’t attracted to them.

Fear of intimacy

Some women have a fear of commitment so they only get involved in relationships they know can never become serious. Since bad boys never commit they are the right choice for them because they are assured it won’t become serious.

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