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My husband is flirting with another woman.

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My husband is flirting with another woman.

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Dear Coleen,

I found out my husband was sending flirty emails and texts to his best friend’s ex. I was gutted.

I later discovered she’d sent him topless pictures, and that he’d visited her when he should have been at work. And yet he still expects me to believe he didn’t sleep with her.

I’m trying to move on as we’ve been married for 37 years but I’m really struggling. I’m so upset he could let me down so terribly.

Now he’s refusing to talk about it, which is making it worse. I just don’t know what to do.

Coleen says.

It makes me laugh when guys in the wrong “don’t want to talk about it”. The decision isn’t theirs. It’s up to you whether you believe him and begin to move on. But you need time.

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Whether he slept with this woman or not, he betrayed you by having a secret relationship, which hurts.

If you decide you want to stay with him, and if you still know this woman, I’d let her know by email or letter that you’re aware of exactly what went on.

And I’d also warn her to stay away from your husband because you’re making a go of things.

As for your partner, he really needs to start making an effort – when you want to talk about what happened, he should agree to do so.

If he refuses, you need to tell him it’s either that or you’ll walk away. He doesn’t want to talk about it because he feels guilty but it’s sure about time that he faced up to what he did

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