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7 ways to keep your nail polish from chipping.

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7 ways to keep your nail polish from chipping.

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Most of us do our own nails which is okay if you know how to do it right and prevent your nails from chipping 2 days later.

Clean your nails

Before applying nail polish, always clean your nails with nail polish remover even if you don’t have any polish on. This will remove natural oils and enable polish to stick to the surface of your nails.

Apply a base coat

Applying a base coat will enable nail polish to adhere well to your nails.

Apply thin coats

This helps prevent smudging and reduces drying time.

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Polish Your Nail Tips

Polish your tips. This helps prevent chipping.

Shimmery Colors Chip Less

Using shimmery polish as a finish helps the polish stick to your nails hence reduces chances of chipping.

Clear topcoat

Using a topcoat could lengthen the life of the manicure. It acts as an extra seal against chipping.

Drying time

Ensure you do not move around before the polish dries which takes about 45 minutes. After this dip your nails in cold water and apply lotion.

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