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Haircare: Caring for highlighted mane


To change their look, many women opt for hair highlights. Hair highlights are a versatile makeover option and one can have them done subtly, or go completely bold. Whatever style you choose, it will definitely modify your look.

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Hair colour treatments comprise alkaline products, which allow the colour components to penetrate the hair shaft by lifting the cuticle layer of the hair. This means that whenever you colour your hair, it will be left porous, making it susceptible to breakage, dullness and even dullness.

This is why it is important to take care of it to reverse any potential damage. You must, therefore, be ready to take extra care of your hair once you put highlights; it takes some dedication to make them last long. This does not have to be difficult; with the right hair care routine, you can maintain a shiny and healthy mane. Before highlighting your hair, always do a patch test two days in advance to ensure your hair does not get damaged by the chemical treatment.

Deep conditioning: Ensure the first hair wash after the colouring is done by a professional in a salon. This will require deep conditioning to smoothen your hair shaft since the colour makes your hair highly porous. Schedule a monthly visit to the salon specifically for deep conditioning treatment to restore the moisture lost, add shine and bounce.

If you do it at home, apply some hair conditioner on the ends of damp, clean hair, concentrating on the ends, and work your way up to the roots with the conditioner. You may add more if need be. Comb it through your hair and wear a shower cap to hold in the heat. Let it to sit on your hair for 30 minutes, then rinse.

Right products: For your hair to remain shiny even with the colour, use products that are formulated for the same. Your shampoos, conditioners (besides the deep conditioning product), and serums should have a moisture-locking formula. Your hair has been stripped of its natural moisture, and these products will go a long way in replenishing it.

Avoid heat: The colouring process dries out the hair. Do not, therefore, compound the situation with frequent flat ironing or blow-dry. Heat can strip off the colour and reduce its longevity, thus you should avoid it as much as possible. Make use of a protective leave-in conditioner or serum before you blow dry if you have to. Try and avoid hot baths while shampooing, as this will also strip your hair colour faster. If you can’t stand cold water, ensure it is lukewarm.

Harsh elements: Protect your hair from sunlight since it contains harsh UV rays that can damage your hair. Do not stay out in the sun for long. If you must, find something to cover your hair or at least spritz a leave-in conditioner that will protect your hair from the sun. When swimming, always wear a swimming cap as the chlorine in the water can damage the coloured hair.

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Trim: In case your highlighted hair becomes too dry, the ends may become very fragile. This calls for a hair trim at least every two months to avoid split ends. Retouch your roots every two months by refreshing the highlights so that they stay fresh.

Listen to your hairdresser: Follow your hairdresser’s advice as much as possible. S/he will be in a better position to prescribe the right products while keeping in mind the texture of your hair.

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