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Modern African decor

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Wooden accented wall
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Modern African decor

If your style is contemporary and you want to add exotic touches for a sophisticated look, worry not. African décor on its own is ethnic, exciting and fits anywhere whether your taste is traditional, minimalist, eclectic or modern. It is a décor inspired by nature, wild animals, colourful fabrics and wood carvings. It is personal intimate, and sensual.

So you plan to add some African social taste to your living room? Go right ahead. Creative blends of modern ideas and African décor look original, interesting, stylish and fresh. You can attractively combine bright, exotic and ethnic interior design elements with modern furnishings, room furniture, décor accessories and artwork. Below are some features of this combo-style:

• Nature: This is one of the basic models of African décor. Natural materials like leather, wicker, cane, raw timber finishes feature a lot. Modern African décor embraces comfort and features leather furniture and plump cushions, leather ottomans and a few pieces of African art.

Wrought iron candle holders are great as accessories
 Photo: Courtesy

• Accessories: Keep these to the minimum to ensure the room does not get overpowered with clutter. Include natural elements like wood and cotton. Go for animal print curtains, rugs, cushions or decorations. Ankara cushion covers, table runners and mats will wow the room too. Wooden stools will make it look like you are in the African jungle. You can also add forged metal accessories, lanterns and wicker to add interest. Place colourful candles in wrought iron holders. You can also place colourful wooden trays with beads inside them on a coffee table in the living room. Other accessories may include African masks, tribal artwork, carved wooden dishes, bowls, sculptures, baskets, handmade fabrics and ankra fabrics. These bring exotic luxury to a modern home.

• Colours: Go for warm, earthy tones like deep red, orange, browns and yellows; isn’t Africa a warm continent? Forget the xenophobia in South Africa. Think of using the colours you see as the African sun sets. You could use some white shades to vary the colour scheme. Green shades would be good too, to bring out the element of nature. Generally, combine bright room colours with dark wood furniture and tribal art for a classic effect.

• Flowers/plants: These will help recreate an African atmosphere in your home. Dried flowers or leaves placed in vases in warm colours will work well. Brightly coloured flowers and green plants work well too.

• Furniture: Furniture with rounded edges work best; square ones won’t offer a warm and relaxing design for a harmonious African home décor. Carved wood furniture looks simple and elegant. You can also use colourful rocks, seashells, tiny rock arrangements in flower pots or any other natural element you may think of.

• Walls: You can have one wall as an accent of stone, whitewashed, rustic wood or wooden tiles. For a spectacular look, hand handmade wool rugs, woven or knitted textiles on the wall.

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