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Caution: How 'xaxa' generation boys are posing as men

xaxa generationWhat exactly do these Xaxa generation boys feed on to make them look like men enough to walk women down the aisle? How I wish the colour of our skin would turn white or grey after we hit 30. That way, we would at least approximate someone’s age before we embark on a love journey with them.

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Unknowingly getting into a relationship with a man younger than you but in his 30s is annoying, but unknowingly getting into a relationship with a man younger than you and in his 20s is enough to send a woman into a coma. It happened to a friend last year and I thought it was just a one in a million case! I wish I knew how wrong I was.

The April holidays are here, dear ladies, DO NOT start off any relationship during this season, especially when he looks like he has just walked out of a fashion magazine. Like someone let out the dogs, they have been let out. They are tall, dark and handsome and they rarely get mad. Whatever you suggest, they will always say ‘Yes Ma’am’. They will open the car door for you and pull the chair at the restaurant. Do not get fooled, it’s not their car and that money spent at the restaurant is their pocket money.

These boys have watched too many movies and they now want to use us as experiments. I wonder what they write in their compositions once they resume school since we all know what the English teacher always wants immediately schools are opened. “Complete your composition with the following sentence......and that is how my April holiday was.” My workmate almost fell victim last week. Were it not for the sixth sense we women are blessed with, maybe she would now be thinking she is in a relationship while in real sense, she would be robbing the cradle confidently.

This Facebook friend she has had for over a year, started communication suggestively at the beginning of the year and as usual, my friend’s heart melted away with love considering she is single and had also fallen in love. Such boys have Facebook accounts that are almost dormant and they try as much as possible to upload only photos that communicate the opposite of what they are.

In some photos, you will find them posing in an office, possibly their parents’ offices, and in cars while on traffic with the words ‘Happening Now’. You would think they are some executives somewhere too busy for social media and that is a plus for ladies while looking for a Mr Right. We do not want men who are always trolling on every page on social media talking about everything that is happening everywhere as if their dream was to become journalists but life failed them at some point.

So, as fate would have it, my friend developed a relationship with this tall, dark and handsome man who was somewhere along the coastal region, duty calls, that’s what he had said. He was since coming back to Nairobi at the beginning of April and wanted them to officially meet and hit it off. Little did she know that the coastal region her man was talking about was a boarding school somewhere near Busia county and she was just about to meet a boy posing as an Omundu Strong!

Had they not sat in a table next to this boy’s teacher in that restaurant, he would have actually won a bet. That’s what they do. They spot their prey and bet on getting her. Ladies, keep off good looking men during the school holidays. Thank me later.

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