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I sleep with a knife under my pillow

underthebedMy husband has always been insecure about me even though I have never cheated on him.

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He always makes nasty statements about how women are the ones cheating nowadays and that he cannot live with the thought of me being with another man.

This has really affected my self esteem and interaction with friends and even family because if I smile with any of them, I have a case to answer. He picks on anything such as the way I looked or laughed with so and so.

That I seem to find other men’s jokes funny, my tone changes when I am talking to men, my weekend classes have increased, and evening classes take longer – everything is always linked to the assumption that I am cheating.

He gets moody and has said on several occasions that he will kill me if he ever catches me.

I have to sleep with a knife under my pillow. I feel like a fugitive.


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