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How to recognize a fake preacher


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By Anne Mungai (@annemungai_)

The recent expose of Victor Kanyari by KTN left many Kenyans wondering how one can easily get conned. It is therefore important to know how to tell real from fake.

Contradict: If you feel his man or woman of God contradicts what your God says, then avoid that particular place of worship. The preacher should preach in line with what the Holy books are saying as opposed to preaching against it.

Practice: Does your man/woman of God practice what they preach? Does his lifestyle reflect what he requires of you? If you know very well he is a drunk, womanizer or one given to love of money, then you already know the God he serves. You might want to stay away from pastors living in sin.

Material: Christianity is all about following the teachings and lifestyle of Christ. We have pastors living in luxury while their congregations wallow in poverty. They use church finances to buy private jets, luxury homes and cars. Beware of preacher selling things to you, be it anointing oil, water or handkerchiefs. You cannot buy anointing or blessings. This applies to other faiths as well.

Transparency: Do we have transparency in how money collected is made and budgeted, does the congregation get financial record of how money is spent? Many believers simply give but don’t get to know how the money is spent. All they know is that the pastor gets paid or new seats were bought and that’s it. Churches should be accountable in how money is spent.

These are some of the ways one can use to see whether they are being led by a person led by God or his/her own selfish desires.

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