Evewoman : My fiancée wants a dream wedding I can't afford

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My fiancée wants a dream wedding I can't afford


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We are due to marry in December and have been having wedding committee meetings to organize the wedding. My fiancé is putting too much pressure on everybody so that she can have the wedding of her dreams. We are both not financially stable, but this has not stopped her from fronting unusual expensive proposals even when cheaper options are available. She says our friends and family will contribute, even so the amount required from them will be enormous. I want to make her happy on that day, but I am pushed to the wall. The budget so far is sh.560, 000 and when I suggest cheaper options she threatens to boycott the wedding saying it’s her wedding, she will have it the way she wants .I don’t know what to do and I’m already contemplating quitting. Please help



That woman should not put pressure you yet she knows your financial status. Marriage is not all about the wedding. It’s about understanding. There are people who get married in expensive ceremonies then break up within a short time.

{Phoebe Atieno}


If she’s contributing in any way, then go on and let her have what she wants. However, you should take some time and think about these demands. If she is threatening you over a wedding, what will happen after the wedding? Think big, man.

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{Rodgers Mwiti}


Ask her if she prefers to spend Sh1 million on her wedding then after that she live in a single room. Even though it’s the d-day, she has to think about the future.

{Stacy Mbinji}


That is not love, it is showing off. When the wedding is over, how will you live without money? Won’t she then still threaten to leave or even worse actually leave you? My advice is that if you have to pay for a wedding, do it within your means. Don’t place that burden on anyone else.

{Carol Migide}

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If that’s the begging yet you have not settled, what about when you get married. It will be trouble. Be ready to face it. It is better, not to mention much easier to deal with a broken courtship than a broken marriage.

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{Maccathy Johns}


Why don’t you just wait till the time is right and you have enough money to wed. Everyone will be happy then, and there will be no friction between the two of you!

{Delilah Makori}


My friend, watch out. The red flag is up and that is a sign that this woman is a selfish manipulator. She is going to give you a very hard time when you marry her. Dump her and marry her best friend!

{Owen Ng’ethe}


First, congratulations for having the guts to talk it out. Secondly, I think you need to talk to her and see the best way forward. People even go to AG’s chamber and get a wedding done and at the end of the day, it will be as good a wedding as any other.

{Lisa Njeri}





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