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Mother finds anonymous note from neighbours on her doorstep


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A furious mum has slammed the person who anonymously posted a letter criticising her parenting.


Trish LaForty was appalled after she discovered the rude note which read: "We are tired of listening to him crying non stop all day", on her return home from a family outing.


Fuming, she hit back to state the claims were false as her son hardly cried at all.


Despite her partner laughing off the comment, Trish couldn't help but be upset by the words.

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Taking to Facebook to vent her frustrations, she confronted the author on the Australian housing block's community page inviting them to discuss the matter further.


The 26-year-old said: "When I first saw it I was upset. No one enjoys hearing their baby cry."


Angered, Trish expressed her fury on the social networking post saying: "To whoever wrote this note. Thanks. Like being a parent isn't tough enough, it's good to know our neighbours support us.


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"You didn't even have the guts to come knock on our door."

Trish also approached her immediate neighbours who were just as surprised as she was and have denied any knowledge of the note.


She said: "Our neighbour said she had never heard our baby cry before."


Since the incident the family have received dozens of supportive messages from family and friends on Facebook.


Trish added: "The message quickly had over 500 likes. After that my inbox was flooded with messages of support and encouragement."


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