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Sound Asleep Pillow


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If you are one of those people who rely on chamomile tea or sleeping pills to help you sleep, you may want to try this amazing inexpensive invention to soothe yourself to sleep. This special pillow made from cosy hollow fibre filling has a built in speaker - which cannot be felt through the pillow - that connects via a 3.5mm jack to any music source such as Ipod, mp3 player, CD player etc. You then adjust the volume so you, the snoozing music lover, can listen to your favourite lullabies without disturbing anyone sleeping, even right next to you. And with no need for headphones, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. The Sound Asleep pillow could potentially help insomniacs or act as an alarm clock that does not wake sleeping partners. The speaker is fitted in a standard pillow size (48cm by 74cm) - Rose Kwamboka


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