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5 things that every lady should have in her purse

Many at times we as ladies want to look clean and classy at all times, and there are things that a girl cannot leave the house without them in her purse such as lipstick, mirror, chewing gum, some perfume and so many other things, however a girl just needs more than these.

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Here are some of the must haves in your purse in order to maintain your hygiene and overcome any challenges faced during your day:

a) Tampons or pads

Always have your sanitary towels well stashed in your purse as you never know when Mother Nature may come calling, so better to be prepared to face her.

b) A hand sanitizer

Many at times we do get in contact with germs without our knowledge it good to have your sanitizer with you so as to keep germs at bay stay healthy.

c) Wet wipes

They come in handy as they are not only to wipe your hands but you can also use them to wipe your shoes, wipe your seat and so on.

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d) A Handkerchief

Although it may seem common knowledge but many of us are found on the wrong side when you sneeze and big bulb of mucus comes out and you have no hander kerchief with. It’s there for important to always have an extra set of handkerchief in your purse whether you have a cold or not.

e) Pocket Tissues

Always ensure that you have a pair of pocket tissues in your bag these will with no doubt come in handy. As even those places where they have tissues may run out of it and you need it.

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