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How World Cup has affected relationships

World Cup has really messed a number of relationships. The question most ladies are asking themselves is: ‘Why are these men so hooked to the screen that they forget we even exist? Funny thing is that they forget once the World Cup is over, they will be running back to the ladies.

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This is how World Cup has affected relationships:

Dry spell

Couples are no longer enjoying their conjugal rights.  The men are neglecting the women’s needs in the name of watching soccer.

The men should be ready for pay back from the ladies once World Cup ends. However, ladies should be a little lenient, revenge is not the best answer.                                                             


A number of ladies feel as though their men are shutting them out. Therefore, they have opted to find something else to replace the man.

Hopefully, by the time World Cup ends the ladies will be ready to open their arms widely for their guys.

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Mood swings

Ladies suffer indirectly whenever their man’s team loses because of emotional distance. The men will want nothing to do with them at that very moment. A classic example is Linda who has been with her boyfriend for five years. “My boyfriend is an avid supporter of Brazil. Well, you already know what happened Tuesday night. Brazil lost to Germany in the most devastating way. In their loss, I also lost my boyfriend temporally as he was grieving,” she said.

Men should keep in mind that World Cup is about to end. They should therefore start being in their spouses’ ‘good books’ so that they have someone to fall back to.


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