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Ask for what you deserve

Have you ever talked yourself out of asking for that long coveted pay rise, promotion or going after that lifelong dream? Most self-doubt emanates from believing that inner voice that tells us that we’re not good enough. 

Inner dialogue

You have heard it said often “if you think you can or cannot, you’re right”. The language of self-limiting beliefs is rooted in all the things we tell ourselves, and eventually believe. “I’m not good enough, I can’t, I haven’t” should not be allowed to take root in your consciousness, much less said out loud. Trade any self-limiting thought for a more positive one. Let your self-talk be littered with all the ways in which you have done well before, and can do well again because you are equipped with the talents, skills and capabilities. It may feel corny at first, but it works and helps in confidence building. 

Bust the rules

Growing up, we somehow got it into our psyche that creating a successful career had certain components: Do what’s asked of you, don’t attract the wrong kind of attention and when promotion day comes round, your work will speak for itself. In the real world though, while working hard and smart have their place, you must speak for and about your good work to the people who count. If you do not have a forum for regular visibility, then create one with your managers. Without bragging, let your supervisor know what value you have contributed to the organisation on a regular basis. This can be as simple as sending an email highlighting the success of the latest project and acknowledging the team’s support.


Learn to ask for what you deserve for your skills and accomplishments. The worst thing you could do is sell yourself short; it follows that if every subsequent assignment or position is based on your last package, you will be doing yourself a long term injustice. Get rid of the noise in your head that keeps telling you that you are being pushy or demanding.

After all, the most successful people go after their dreams with a tenacity as big as life itself. Continue to believe and communicate that what you are asking for is not only what you deserve, but what is commensurate to the value you offer. Remember, you are your best cheerleader.


• Believe that you are worthy of your dreams and desires.

• Nip any negative self-talk in the bud by replacing it with positive affirmations.

• Do research on compensation trends so you can have a basis for your value offering. 

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