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You can be single, happy and fulfilled

The most exciting and amazing time in your life could very well be your singlehood years.  Singlehood period is an important developmental stage of your life.

Enjoy it as you wait for the season of marriage. Recently, a young lady told me that she was single, satisfied and happy. I was impressed.

I do not hear that very often. Many single ladies feel like they are losing out on the goodies of life, by remaining single. 

Emotional volcano

Being single is a great opportunity to connect with yourself and others without any strings attached.

This is your season and life has no guarantees.

By the way for those desperate singletons, let me remind you that a woman’s identity and self worth, does not in any way depend on her marital status. I do however recognise that there are those that have chosen singlehood as a result of their careers, circumstances and sometimes, age, social and economic factors.

Some are single because of nasty experiences. Maybe someone they entrusted their hearts to left them with baggage and bitterness forcing them in an emotional volcano.

Singlehood is your opportunity to shine.

Some helpful tips

Give singlehood the dignity it deserves and earn the respect from others.  Who said your life should be defined by the man in your life?

Work on yourself worth by improving your skills and self esteem. 

Enjoy that season as you wait the next that is underway.

Have fun

Enjoy your freedom.  Singlehood is a great time to actualise your dreams like traveling, hiking, working aboard, learning a new skill.

Singlehood is a time that one can explore the world, connect with yourself, serve the less privileged, volunteer, empower and mentor others even as you grow and develop yourself.

Take a break if necessary.  This is one time you do not need to worry about dependants, if you have made some money, you could consider taking a break and doing something adventurous. 

Focus on building friendship. Being single does not mean living a life of isolation and loneliness. You have lots of time do what you could never do while in a relationship.  Recognise opportunities that present themselves and extend your networks.

Whatever you do, remember to keep good company.

Stop being obsessive.  Learn to trust that God has a good and perfect plan for your life and it will all come together at the right time. 

Enjoy platonic relationships without necessarily thinking love, marriage and children.  Simply enjoy making friendships and not looking to see who the best life partner is.

Live, love and thrive because you desire it!


The writer is a relationship coach and author of ‘Marriage Built to Last’. You can reach her on:


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