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Finding the right hairstyle for your face

Many women, at one time or the other, agonise when they think of the best way to style their hair. You may want to experiment with bald, a new shape or colour, and realise it is the worst look you have ever chosen. Fortunately, hair grows and replaces itself, thus anything you do with it is never permanent.

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Custom Shaping

How you style your hair now does not really matter since changing it periodically will help you keep up with the natural changes your hair and most parts of your body undergo over time. And even as you age, the styles that once worked well may now not work at all since your facial features also change.

Most classic hairstyles are the way they are because of what each hair type does naturally and uniquely.

So what is the secret to finding that perfect hairstyle?

It is important to work with what your hair does naturally then design your style around it. Once you have a custom shaping, it becomes easy to dress up your hair or simply shampoo, comb and go.

Facial Features

This saves you time and you will always look good even when there is no time to style your hair. Remember, however, that the shape and length must complement the shape of your face and your unique facial features. Our First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta, looks pretty in her short hair. You can only pull off that look if you have features that suit it, otherwise like they say, ‘don’t try that at home’.

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There is nothing much you can do if you don’t have facial features for a hair style that you have been dying for. Simply do the best you can with what you have. Don’t go for a hairdo simply because somebody else looks good in it. Your hairstylist, too, can best guide you on what suits you.


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