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Five common but preventable causes of fights in marriage


Marriage is built by two different individuals with varying perceptions of life.

Finding someone to love and settle down with is what many dream of but most overlook the fact that it is not always rosy and wake up when it is too late.

It is okay for a couple to disagree on issues, owing to their different backgrounds, belief and at times choices.

While disagreements are normal and help forge a relationship, some escalate to full-blown wars and may eventually break the union.

These disagreements centre on;


Infidelity is a destructive force and is one of the major causes of divorce worldwide. It attracts such a heavy consequence since most couples consider the act as the breaking of a promise. A strong bond.

The feeling that their partners strayed often begets anger, resentment and even sometimes publicized drama, no matter how long the marriage has lasted.

Children caught in the crossfire, bear the brunt of the breakup.


The idea of having little ones in the union is a collective decision. Some couples, however, argue over it, push and pull and fail to compromise.

The differences can range from as simple decisions such as to when to get children, how many children, the timing to many others.

Others even disagree on how to discipline their children. Worse is if there is an issue of infertility in the marriage. Compromise and understanding is key.


Loving and moving in with someone else does not, often, mean that one loves their partner’s entire family. It also does not mean they like you.

This has been known to cause tension and bad vibes in a marriage especially when people start sharing their feelings towards each other. Your man may be in affix when his family does not like you and vice versa.

Friction between family and partners often sparks fights in many unions.


Naturally, we all do things differently, from how we place our dirty clothes to using the bathroom.

Some of these things could be so different from both of you, sparking huge differences that could escalate to fights very fast.

Telling your partner over and over how to squeeze toothpaste from the tube may make him angry as he doesn’t understand how what he has done it for years is wrong.

You, on the other hand, might not be so understanding if he keeps calling you out on leaving the toilet seat up, despite having done it since you were young.

Such differences should be accommodated to avoid creating unsolvable rifts in a marriage.


It is one thing to move in and settle with someone you love while it is another to start sharing your finances with them.

It is important to sit down, put all finances (including sources) on the table and decide how it is going to be used.

Without this, many end up feeling dejected on finding that their partners have different spending habits, are either withholding money or not contributing at all.

Since we are all different with different priorities, discuss with your partner and find a middle ground early enough.

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