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Five reasons why you are not achieving your beauty goals

 Try not to fall short because you are aiming too high without thinking through the process of getting there (Shutterstock)

Whether you want to cut your hair short, lose some weight or get trimmed, we all have beauty goals we aspire to achieve.

If only it wasn’t so hard to stay focused, leading to one question, are your goals realistic, achievable and measurable?

The reason most of us fall short is because we aim too high without thinking through the process of getting there. All we know is, we want this and that’s it!

When it comes to makeup, for instance, chances are there is something you are definitely doing wrong. Because here is the thing, there are always new innovations and techniques.

So, are you aware of what has changed recently and have you mastered it or are you waiting to make it on the list of shame before eventually getting the idea?

Well, that said, here are some of the reasons why you are falling short on your beauty goals.

i.Wrong tools

The right tools will render your makeup application effortlessly and bring out every product as it was intended to be.

And for that reason, you need good quality brushes and blending sponges for flawless application.

Although there is no rule cast on stone that you have to only use tools, you can always use your hands and compare the best results between the two then stick to what works best.

ii.You’re rushing through

Unless you’re a makeup pro who does this for a living, there is no way you can do a good job in 10 minutes especially if you’re in a hurry.

Makeup done in a hurry shows and trust me, you can only get away with it for too long. If you have to wake up an hour early to do your makeup do so but don’t rush thinking you can get the same results in such a short time.

 If you are constantly failing, chances are there is something you are definitely doing wrong (Shutterstock)

iii.The foundation is off

When was the last time you bought new foundation? Most of us are still using foundation we bought two years ago and chances of them being expired or in the wrong shade is extremely high.

Your skin tone changes from time to time due to weather, stress, breakouts and other factors and that is why you need to go to a professional and get your skin tone matched with the right foundation and concealer.

iv.You’re stuck in the past

Like I mentioned before, have you updated your application and products? You must customize your technique according to the current standards.

You also want to try other ways especially if you find something is not working. You can try warm shades of eyeshadow instead of going for bolder colours that may make you look like a clown.

v.You are not setting

If you find your makeup doesn’t hold, it is because you are missing a crucial step. Setting powder and sprays come in handy especially if you have oily skin that can get on the way of flawless makeup.

A matte and oil control setting spray, for instance, will control the shine and leave your skin looking luminous.

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