Nairobians or Kenyans, in general, have started dealing withweight issues. This wasn't the trend, but it's picking pace at a very alarmingrate. People have forgotten the basics of life; good food, water, and exercise,and embarked on a life based on career advancement. Bills have to be paid, andthe African time has been forgotten with most Kenyans, working their butts offto make sure they are better than their peers.

<p><b>This can be by people making fun of you or yourself, not feeling very much at peace. It can be worse, as the weight can lead to other health disorders like blood pressure and asthma. </b></p><p><b>All these issues can be addressed early enough before they get worse by eating right, drinking enough water, exercising, and sleeping well.</b></p>

Weight won't be an issue until it affects you. This can beby people making fun of you or yourself, not feeling very much at peace. It canbe worse, as the weight can lead to other health disorders like blood pressureand asthma. All these issues can be addressed early enough before they getworse by eating right, drinking enough water, exercising, and sleeping well. Bymaintaining all these, your weight won't be an issue. But what if you havealready crossed the bridge and you are on the other side?

Losing weight is not easy, and will need more than yourcommitment to achieving proper weight loss. With the internet comes better thanbad, or worse than good depending on what aspects you will analyze. Most peoplewho want to lose weight begin by searching online, and the first thing they getis these Magical Weight Loss pills that slice up your weightby half within 30 days. Let's be honest; it's not happening, well it can butnot that way.

First, you might need a mentor or guide onhow best to lose your gained weight. You can consult with a nutrition dieticianon guidance on which foods you should include in your diet, which one toreduce, and which one to eliminate. You can also ask someone who has beenthrough that journey because they know better than anyone on what it takes.Still, time will come when you feel like it is not working, most people willgive up and ditch the whole program, and right there is when you need thismentor to help you through it.

Then there is the dieting story. While most people believethat fasting and reducing the amount of food you eat will leadto a much higher weight loss, this is not true. Remember that your body stillneeds sufficient energy to burn the excess fat deposits and give you enoughenergy to go on with your life. Even when hitting the gym, you will not lastfive minutes if you do not have enough energy, which comes from the food youeat. The topic of diet and weight loss is vast, but remember what Oprah Winfreysaid 'If your grandmother recommends whatever you are eating, then eat it. Ifshe doesn't, then think twice."

Water is a vital agent as far as weight loss isconcerned. Water has the power to break down fat into smaller molecules, whichare easier for the body to flush out. You will need to drink enough water, andthey say seven glasses a day. You might have noticed that drinking water beforeeating makes you eat less. It reduces your appetite, so instead of rushing tothe snack shop for a quick fix, maybe all you need is a sip of water. If youfeel like taking plain water might be too much to ask for, you can lace it witha slice of lemon. The citric acid in lemon fruits also aids in weight loss.

Exercises are a significant component of anyweight loss program, and some do include some levels of practical activity. Atthe very start of your weight loss journey, this will be very difficult. Just beginwith light exercises; jogging on the spot, star jumps. As you do more of these,your body adapts, and you can accomplish much harder activities with ease. So,jog, swim, run, ride a bike, take the stairs, dance, jump the rope, whatever ittakes to raise your heartbeat and makes you sweat.

Lastly, there is nothing like a good night's sleep.Sleep helps your body rejuvenate itself and prepare it for the next day. Still,most of the metabolic activities concerned with weight loss occur while we areasleep. This is the same reason why people always wake up sweaty, with oilyfaces and full bladders and bowels. You need enough sleep, and six to sevenhours might be enough. We haven't exhausted everything, so any comments arepretty much welcome.

Therefore, as stated above, there is more to do with weightloss than just pills. These pills might help you lose weight faster than thosewho do not use them, but they cannot be the only model you will have to applyto lose weight. Some of the pills available in the market include; Islim,Obetas 120mg, Xenical 120mg, Slim-Trim, and Figurin. All these pills should beused as aiders to those who want to lose weight faster, and not the main andonly model of weight loss.