“These monkeys even invade the bathrooms and steal soaps."

Hungry stray monkeys have been giving Makueni Level 4 Hospital patients sleepless nights.

The monkeys have been invading the wards and other parts of the facility, stealing patients’ food and causing havoc in the referral hospital.

According to some patients and relatives, the monkeys find their way into the wards either through open windows or the main doors.

“These monkeys pose a threat to patients, and have been getting access to the wards through widows or open doors, especially wards with seriously sick persons”, said Joseph Mutuku who had visited a relative.

Jane Mumbua, while visiting a relative said; “The trees in the facility make it easy for the monkeys to swing around, grab fruits and other foodstuff” she said, adding that: “The monkeys get into the facility during visiting hours, which is between 6:30am and 8am and around 5pm.”

The hospital’s health promotion unit boss, Bretta Mutisya, said they are aware of the monkey menace.

“These monkeys even invade the bathrooms and steal soaps. We are working on it,” said Mutisya.

The monkeys are alleged to be migrating from Katende Forest, Kaseveni hills, and Kitundu hills.