Caroline Mutoko and Jua Cali talked to us about their resolutions back in 2007

“Countdown to New Resolutions.” That’s what the main feature on Pulse, on Friday December 29, 2006 read. Pulse spoke to six celebs, who spoke about their resolutions.
Today we break down these resolutions ...

Pinky Ghelani
Pulse: What is your New Year resolution?
Pinky: To be a better human being. I believe in Karma, so I will be a kind human being to everyone no matter what they have done to me. Karma always comes back to bite you in the ass.
Pulse says: Couldn’t have said it any better. Come to think of it, we should adopt this resolution. Especially in 2017 when politicians will turn us into bargaining chips.
Pulse further says: Place your right palm on your chest and take this vow: “In 2017, I promise to do and be better, so help me God. And if I don’t, so bite me Karma”.

Jua Cali
Pulse: What are you New Year resolutions?
Jua: To be honest, it’s not easy to decide on a resolution just like that. It needs sacrifice and seriousness.
Pulse says: There. You said it, OG. “Sacrifice and seriousness.” Or was it a Freudian slip?
Pulse further says: Sacrifice and seriousness are must-have ingredients in any venture. Music. Family life. Relationships. Heck, even drama.

Rabbo (Tattuu)
Pulse: What are you New Year resolutions?
Rabbo: I have so many resolutions that I cannot mention; only time will tell.
Pulse says: Keeping your cards close to your chest, right? You’re a lawyer, and you’re not going to let us to be all up in your business.
Pulse further says: Smart move, counsel.

Pulse: What are you New Year resolutions?
Circute: To become closer to God. In other words, I intend to be a regular churchgoer.
Pulse says: The resolution is virtuous. You go, bro. But, sorry to say this Baba Ciku, you become closer to God by being in Christ; not necessarily being in church.
Pulse further says: We all know ardent churchgoers who are further from God than atheists’ poster boy, Harrison Mumia.

Caroline Mutoko
Pulse: What are you New Year resolutions?
Caroline: I don’t believe in making New Year resolutions, it’s something that just comes. You live today because you do not know what tomorrow holds.Pulse says: That’s Mama Nduku for you. She’s not into setting resolutions, but setting records. Daily.
Pulse further says:Carpe diem. Every single day. Not just January 1. Do what you’re supposed to do. Daily.
Pulse: What are you New Year resolutions?
Pilipili: I have not decided yet. But I intend to go international career-wise. I have to put in more effort as far as music is concerned.
Pulse says: Psst, bro, you let the cat of the bag. Inadvertently. You told us you hadn’t decided. Next – with the conjunction, “but”, which his used to introduce something contrasting with what’s already been said – you told us your plans.
Pulse further says: Sometimes our resolutions are already made – inwardly – but we don’t know.