KBC anchor Purity Museo asks DCI for help to track down 'stalker' .

KCB news anchor Purity Museo is not impressed by the actions of one of her fans.

Sharing her frustrations via Twitter, Purity appealed for help from Kenyans and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to stop the fan from putting up her photos in his room and uploading them on social media.

The media personality said the man, only identified as Free German2 on Twitter, creates a new account and tags her in the photos whenever she blocks him.

She added that despite several attempts to warn him, the man continues his behavior.

"Fellow Kenyans. I need help to stop this man! He has my photos in his room and when I block him he creates new accounts and tags me in these posts. I don't know him. I have warned him severally in vain. I don't find this normal," wrote Purity.

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In the photos posted, the man is seen posing with images of the news anchor put up on his wall. A quick survey of the man's new Twitter account shows similar images and captions stating his admiration for the anchor.

Speaking to Standard Entertainment, Purity said the issue has been ongoing for over a year now and has yet to receive any help.

Purity's post seems to have caught the attention of Kenyans on Twitter, who were quick to give different opinions about the issue and how to go about it.

While some Kenyans found the man's behaviour as an unhealthy obsession, others thought his actions were harmless, given that people put up photos of their favorite celebrities in their rooms all the time.

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"This is an unhealthy obsession aki, wah this guy is building fantasies with you. If you are prayerful I say pray and break that bond," said a Twitter user named John Ellis.

Mukanzi Albert opined: "Am your friend too but with behavior...its absurd.... Just an advice ignore him and don't concentrate too much on him.... Don't waste ur time on him."

James Mutinda advised Purity saying: "The best way to deal with this kind of characters is to ignore them. He is idle. Totally idle. He can't do anything beyond having your pics in his kitchenette. Have my word."

However, Arap Kober thought the anchor's sentiments were unwarranted. "I think she is fussing over this for no reason...How many of us have pasted our entire walls with a picture of a certain political figure but we mean no harm?" he asked.