Khaligraph Jones during the meeting with Deputy President William Ruto. (Courtesy)

Social media was over the weekend set ablaze by Kenyan celebrities contesting their fellow creative's decision to meet with Deputy President William Ruto and completely disregarding the industry's actual struggles.

Starting the debate was famous rapper Octopizzo, who took to Twitter to describe the attendees as opportunists.

"So COVID 19 has turned artistes into opportunists? I told you all these people are fake, and you thought I was joking, do you believe me now. What is this?" he shared.

Seconding the Young Puffy singer was female rapper Noti Flow, who called out the artists for wasting their opportunity to sit down with the deputy president and yet discuss insignificant things instead of coming up with ways to combat the rising rates of unemployment among the youth.

"For once, Octo Zero has a point. How can people be so blind? We clearly know after the elections you'll never see these people pretending to be with us now ever again. We need a life time solution. Not some peanuts to solutions now.

"We want something substantial for the people; like jobs for the youths, for instance, to sustain them in the long run. These artists should stop being sell-outs, so cheap. Think about the millions of people suffering underground and not just about yourselves. Selfish like the politicians, #theydontreallycareaboutus," she responded.

On the other hand, King Kaka expressed his relief in knowing that Octopizzo was not among those who attended the meeting held at the DP's residence.

"Haha I also thought you were there, turns out you are true," he wrote.

Bringing each other down

According to popular comedian DJ Shiti, all the hate and malice celebrities go through are due to their own doing and not their fans, as seen by how a section of artists chose to express their outlooks.

In his explanation, instead of the industry coming together as mentors, they choose to bring each other down.

"I think today y'all are witnesses that backlash does not come from fans. It's us artistes that devour each other otherwise Kenyans have no problem. Gengetone manages to drive Nija and Bongo music out of Kenya but instead of the industry being mentors they resorted to fight each other," he wrote.

Oblivious of the ongoing discussion, Khaligraph Jones took to his social media to mock the participating individuals.

"Conversations between some of your favourite rappers right now... tear jacking!" he wrote.

During their meeting with William Ruto, the present celebrities pleaded with the country's deputy to help them reopen the nation and allow them to get back to work.

"In our meeting, we discussed the possibility of coming up with a policy that will help weed out the bureaucracy, brokers, and impediments that slow down the growth of the industry. We acknowledge that artists have worked hand in hand with the government and appreciate their proposal to assist in confronting the pandemic.

"We welcome their offer to reinforce the campaign and observance of COVID-19 protocols and vaccination drive once it is rolled out fully. I offered to ensure that their recommendations and proposals are forwarded to the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus," said DP Ruto.