Dana De Grazia’s "Eric Omondi" 'tattoo' [Photo: Instagram/hustlegoddess]

Dana De Grazia’s thigh tattoo of Eric Omondi’s name was fake – a temporary piece done primarily with henna.

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Taking to social media to set the record straight after trending early February for the artwork which fooled a lot of people, the former Let’s Talk show personality said the 'President of Comedy Africa' was in on the stratagem.


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The self-styled hustle goddess, vixen and exNairobi Diaries star explained that she suggested the idea to the comedian - who she was working with on his Loo YouTube project - as a concept for a tattoo competition she was participating in.

“I came to Eric for help in the inked competition, the tattoos were my idea. Nilikua nadai Eric aniokolee na compe ya tattoo enye naparticipate na hio idea ya tattoo ilikuwa yangu. Eric was gracious and amazing thru the whole process and I appreciate what he did for me it’s only about poor timing in my opinion as now the stories are colliding. Eric alicome through vimeja ni vile tu story zote zilicollide na zikanitoa timing mbaya. Tattoo mmekuwa mkicheki ni henna… The Loo video was filmed almost two weeks ago (evident by the lack of my new finger tattoos),” she stated on her Instagram account.

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The ‘collision’ she is referring to is Omondi’s post days later when he took to social media and shrugged off criticism that it was a publicity stunt in a message which sarcastically blasted the capital’s “fake it till you make it” principle. “Yaaani hii Nairobi hakuna kitu real...The only real thing ni rent ya nyumba...Am not even sure I am the real Eric Omondi anymore...Na venye nilikua nimejichochaa...Women are trash.”