Kajala Masanja and Hamisa Mobetto.

Tanzanian model turned entrepreneur Hamisa Mobetto has threatened to take legal action against Kajala Masanja, a Tanzanian actress. This is after the latter's daughter, identified as Paula Kajala, was allegedly taped in a viral video getting cozy with Bongo star Rayvanny.

According to Hamisa, Kajala is out to ruin her reputation by lying that she got her daughter drunk before hooking her up with WCB's Rayvanny. She stated that, its Paula who requested to go out with her and not the other way round.

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"Jamani hata kama Hamisa Mobetto ndio jumba bovu lenu la kutupia takataka ifike mahala ifike ukomo. Siamini kama baada ya kukaa na kutafakari cha kuexplain kuhusu haya mmeona mimi ndio ninaweza kuwa Damage Controller. Kajala hiyo tarehe 9 mwanao aliniomba nimtoe Lunch, nikamwambia inabidi niongee na wewe kwanza, na nikakupigia ukaona ni sawa tu. Nilimtoa Lunch na muda wote nilikua naongea na wewe kwenye simu mpaka nimemrudisha hapo Gym kwako Mimi mwenyewe soon after lunch (Even though Hamisa Mobetto is your ugly garbage to dump everything, please let this be the end. I can't believe that after sitting down and reflecting on this you have seen that I can be the Damage Controller. Kajala on the 9th your daughter asked me to take her out for Lunch, I told her I had to talk to you first, and I called you and you agreed. I took her out for Lunch and all the while I was talking to you on the phone until I took her back to you after Lunch)," she wrote.

The fallout began when Kajala disclosed that Hamisa was the one who introduced her daughter to Rayvanny, claiming her daughter was given alcohol and was not in the right state of mind while taking the videos.

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"On the 9th at 6pm, Hamisa Mobetto asked for permission to take my child for lunch, I didn't see the need to refuse because I knew she was a parent, who also has a baby girl. But on that day, she took advantage and took her to meet Rayvanny for their personal benefit, they lured a child by giving her alcohol and they recorded a dirty video," posted Kajala on Instagram.

Responding to the accusation, Hamisa defended herself by claiming that the said daughter had a different hairstyle from when they were together. She added that she is suing the actress for defamation.

"I have a brand and it should be respected. I am a mother and I am also someone's child. You'll hear from my lawyer. Rest assured I will not let this pass just like that. It will be a good lesson to those who have been trashing my name." said Hamisa.