She became suspicious [Photo: Shutterstock]

A scorned wife found out her husband was being unfaithful after noticing spots on his back had been popped by someone else. The unidentified woman busted her cheating other half after two years of being happily married - or so she thought.

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She noticed her husband's back acne had already been squeezed while he was changing his clothes at their home in the city of Erzincan, Turkey. Tolga Aydemir, 37, the woman’s attorney, revealed how the crafty wife then verified what she thought had happened.

When she confronted him about the zits he changed the subject quickly so she decided not to insist. But she was determined to find out the truth and checked his phone while he was asleep. The woman was horrified to discover WhatsApp messages from another woman – and ironically even the pimples topic was mentioned.

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Tolga said: At first it seemed strange to me, but then the woman showed me the WhatsApp conversation. He was actually saying to his girlfriend that his wife had started to suspect him because of his acne. I've looked at many divorce cases before, but this is the first time I see something like that. Sherlock Holmes was only a little bit better than this woman.”