Kenya's youngest reverend Victor Githu. (Courtesy)

Kenya's youngest preacher, Rev Victor Githu, has clapped back at critics dismissing his ministry as a child's play. Responding to critics during a recent interview, the 10-year-old enthusiastic preacher admitted to receiving backlash from a section of netizens who believe he is too young to comprehend what he preaches. They have been pushing him to ditch the ministry and enjoy his childhood. In the interview, Victor assured his fans that he was well aware of his calling, stating that he is an entirely different person and should, therefore, not be looked at as a child when it comes to preaching God's word.

"I got a lot of criticism; I saw a lot of fake news. I got a lot of fake pages pretending to be me. I got a lot of things. I handled it because I have the Holy Spirit in me. The Bible says that if you don't have forgiveness, you will always have block your prayers. I got to the point where I was convicted to forgive those people and asking God instead of punishing them that He changes them.

"Surely, I don't know why people doubt my ministry. What I can say is they probably look at me and doubt me because of my age. They despise me because of my age. So they look at how young I am and dismiss me. But what I normally say is when I switch to my spiritual side, I'm not young. When it comes to the physical, you might see me as young, but I am not young in the spiritual.

Victor Githu. (Courtesy)

Asked why he maintains the title 'Reverend' yet he has not been ordained, Victor stated that God spoke to him to take up the name and will, for that reason, maintain it. "Nobody has ordained me yet, but in Jesus name I will be ordained in accordance with the law. But let me tell you one thing, for me, this is an anointing from God. It’s what God spoke to me, so I cannot cut that name (Reverend) off because of somebody or anybody. So I'll stay on that and stick to my destiny.

"To the people who say I don't know what I'm talking about, I just want to assure you that I know what I am talking about. I am talking the truth, the good gospel from God, because I am not ashamed or shy. And you know what, these people can slow me down, but they cannot stop my journey," he continued.

Victor Githu. (Courtesy)

Mom's reaction

Since the mother handles his social media pages, Victor admits that negative comments have somewhat affected her but tries his best to encourage her not to think about them too much.

"My mother used to cry a lot asking me, 'Why are you doing this, why are you allowing me to go through all this?' and I told her this, If the person being abused doesn't have stress, why are you the one having stress? I understand she is my mother and wants the best for me, but I tell her, don't get stressed; worse of all, don't get depression, just enjoy life how it is," said Victor.