The oldest married couple say they are still as smitten as ever [Photo: Triangle News]

The world’s oldest married couple have shared their secrets to a long and happy relationship after a whopping 79 years married. Julio Cesar Mora Tapia, 110, and his beloved wife 104-year-old Waldramina Maclovia Quinteros Reyes have been officially recognised by the Guinness World Records.

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The love birds from Ecuador - who say they are just as smitten as ever - have a combined age of 214 years and 358 days. They have five children - one of whom sadly died - 11 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and nine great-great-grandchildren. Julio was two when the Titanic crashed into an iceberg and sunk in 1912, and the couple both pre-date colour television. In a joint statement the couple said:

"Family unity under the rules of love, mutual respect, honest work, and proper education based on family values are the keys to healthy coexistence. The love and maturity that we had as a couple from the beginning of the marriage allowed us to know each other and grow emotionally to define our future. It was not easy because our relatives did not have a good relationship, but with time and patience we were able to unite them and we became an example and the best reference for the younger generations.”

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The couple tied the knot in Luis Sodiro, Quito, Ecuador on February 7, 1941. It was a secret ceremony with only a few close friends in attendance because some of their relatives opposed their union. The couple added: "It is a great honour and pride to have a Guinness World Records title because it is the highest award that the world recognises. It is true that at this time it is difficult because we are overwhelmed by the pandemic that affects the world and we still do not have a solution. However, the first step for us to follow the rules with respect and love life."