Idris and Zari Hassan [Photo: Courtesy]

Popular South African based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and ex-boyfriend Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz recently came to an understanding and agreed to raise their two children together, a move that warmed the hearts of many. At first, the idea of Zari and Diamond co-parenting excited netizens who wondered how the two will go about it considering they had been out of touch for close to a year.

It, however, seems to be going great because Diamond seems to have been given access to his talk to his children whenever he pleases, even going as far as buying Zari a car. Ever wondered how their private chats look like? Well, renowned Tanzanian comedian Idris Sultan recently tickled netizens with a screenshot of an unknown woman chatting with her baby daddy insinuating that Zari had similar traits. In the conversation, the woman sends a picture of her backside almost covering the whole screen when requested by the baby’s father to send a picture of the baby.

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“Zari’s game!” Idris captioned the screenshot. Not amused, Zari stated that she was a classy Baby Mama. A fact, she added, her baby daddy -Platnumz- could attest. “Ask Tiffa’s dad. I'm a corporate baby mama,” she responded.  She didn’t stop there.  Zari went on to urge Idris to tag Platnumz’s other baby mama whom she posed is likely to take such pictures for fear of being bewitched. “Sultan you know who to tag unless you are afraid of witchcraft,” she added.

Now, we all know that the baby mama being referred to is most likely Hamisa Mobetto considering she was accused of turning to witchcraft to try and lure Diamond into marrying her. This was after an audio recording emerged online of Mobetto speaking to a ‘witch doctor' about her frustrations with the singer. The singer cum businesswoman later came clean and admitted that the voice in the audio recording was hers only that she was speaking to a Sheikh, not a witch doctor.

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Despite the criticism, Mobetto maintains that she and Platnumz are in good terms and talk a lot. She, however, clarified that their cordial relationship does not guarantee a romantic reunion. “First of all I want everyone to know that me and Diamond we talk a lot, and I mean a lot. He is a really nice person. I sometimes cross-reference with him my business ideas and he advises me when he has any issues he seeks for my advice as well. So we are two individuals who see each other often, we talk and support each other on various matters. But when it comes to things like marriage, this is a very sensitive topic because marriage is consecrated by God and I personally don’t know what the future hold. So I can’t really comment on that but all I can say is we are co-parenting,” she said during an interview on Wasafi Tv.