Tallulah shared a picture of herself with her dad Bruce Willis. Photo: Instagram.

Bruce Willis ' wife Emma Heming has left another cryptic comment on a picture of her husband as he spends lockdown with his ex Demi Moore. The Hollywood actor, 65, has been married to model Emma since 2009 and they have two young daughters together.

She is isolating alone with the girls, while Bruce spends lockdown with Demi, who he divorced in 2000, and their daughters Tallulah, 26, and Scout, 28.

Tallulah shared a new snap this week showing Bruce is still isolating with his first family, and Emma left a comment under the Instagram post.

The picture showed Tallulah with her newly shaven head cuddling up to her dad and Emma commented: "Love you both so much."

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Subsequent reports suggest the Die Hard star has a house opposite his ex-wife - and got stuck there when California went into lockdown.

ET Online reported Emma had initially planned to join him with the girls until there was an outbreak of the virus in the area.

The source told the site: "He has a house directly across the street from Demi's house in Sun Valley.

Bruce is with Demi and two of their grown-up daughters. Photo: Instagram.

"It's been for sale for years. He was visiting and his family was considering quarantining there. He got stuck because Sun Valley became one of the COVID-19 hotspots."

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The source continued: "Bruce and Demi made a decision to quarantine together with their children and have been doing so for over a month.

"The family didn't want to take any risks of outside influences so they've stayed away from socialising with anyone but their family.

"Bruce isn't with his wife or young children, but that was understood going into this."

Bruce - who split from Demi in 2000 after 13 years of marriage - is said to be keeping in close contact with his wife and two young kids via video call and is chatting to them daily.