Lamphrai Srinuan says her beasts have caused her to suffer chronic shoulder, back and chest pain.

A woman has been left in constant pain due to a mystery condition that has caused her breasts to grow uncontrollably.

Lamphrai Srinuan, 46, from Thailand, is unable to walk without crutches due to her gigantic bosom affecting her shoulder, spine and chest.

The 46-year-old first noticed the swelling three years ago but thought nothing more of it until she felt the pain at the end of last year.

Two months ago, her husband, Bunleang, 51, took her to the Buddhachinaraj Hospital in central Thailand where the medics were left clueless about her condition.

They carried out a scan and an examination on her but it revealed no sign of tumours.

Lamphari said: "It's very difficult for me to even sit or lay down to sleep at night. The breasts are getting heavier and that really hurts my neck and my back.

"I don't wear clothes because every shirt I have doesn't fit me now. I only have one large shirt that I wear when I go to the hospital."

She was forced to stop working as a rice harvester after suffering a joint infection which left her unable to walk without crutches.

She also has to wear a heavy cloth tied behind her back to support her swelling breasts.

Her husband, Bunleang, took her to hospital but doctors failed to diagnose her condition.

The condition puts constant pressure on her spine and pain in her nipples.

She added: "My knee bone is already damaged. This leg (left leg) cannot stand because the joint is almost gone.

"The doctor planned to remove the joint and put in a replacement.

"When I walk, it feels like they're crushing all the time."

Lamphrai is now appealing for help with medical costs and hopes that somebody will be able to cure the condition.

Althought Lamphrai has not been diagnosed, her condition appears to be similar to breast hypertrophy.

Breast hypertrophy, of which one form is gigantomastia, is a medical condition that can cause breasts to grow uncontrollably.

Gigantomastia is rare but there are no estimates for the number of women who have it, according to the US Department of Health.

The condition can cause stretching of the skin leading to sores appearing. Breast hypertrophy can affect both breasts, or in some cases just one.