Samantha [Photo: Courtesy]

A man astounded his girlfriend after he was nabbed cheating when he told the mpango wa kando to freeze in position and pretended to be a sex doll (‘Samantha’).

According to Metro News, the cheating man was caught red handed on tape engrossed in a steamy ‘gland to gland’ combat with another woman.

Furious that he was cheating, his girlfriend stormed the room where they were and demanded to know who the mpango wa kando was.

 “What the f*ck is going on here? Who the f*ck is this?” she yelled.

In a straight out of the movie script, the man yelled back that who she was seeing was not a living thing and that he was enjoying himself with a ‘Samantha’.

 “It is a fucking sex doll,” he responded.

Perhaps sensing danger, the mpango wa kando who had nothing but underwear shifted into position and acted like a statute just as the man had said.

The 'Samantha' [Photo: Courtesy]

Not to be taken for a fool, the fuming woman decided to confirm if it was indeed a ‘Samantha’ and prodded her several times. The mpango kept still.

Finally, not able to pretend anymore, the mpango became ‘alive', hurled some insults at the man for playing her and collected her stuff in a huff.

Knowing that he had been caught, he tried his luck once more to convince his girlfriend saying that the ‘Samantha’ had ‘malfunctioned’ and even produced a receipt.

The video of the pretending ‘Samantha’ has reportedly been viewed more than 2.4 million times in South America.