Vanessa Mdee expecting first child with Rotimi

By Davis Muli | 4 months ago
Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi are expecting their first child. [Courtesy]

Vanessa Mdee and her fiancé, Power actor Rotimi, are expecting their first child. Through social media, the couple shared photos of a baby bump shoot as they looked forward to becoming parents.

In a recent interview, the two artistes revealed that they are expecting a baby boy.

“We are super excited to welcome our son. As first-time parents, everything about this experience has been a brand-new challenge. We love it,” they said.

Sharing her pregnancy journey this far, Vanessa Mdee disclosed that it has been a smooth ride and she has not experienced any significant pain. However, she admitted that she had funny cravings from time to time.

"He's been so good to us. No real pain or symptoms. Some funny cravings and food aversions here and there,” she said.

Adding: “It's been much harder in these final weeks because he's preparing his arrival, but all in all we've been super blessed,” she added.


Speaking about their relationship, Rotimi recently revealed that they ‘deleted all their love interests just six days after they met.,

“Being engaged feels like a mixture of everything. I was tired of being in the streets. I had a good time…but like I got tired of it and she just literally made me have tunnel vision. I never had that,” he said adding that “I was always just moving. But that was just like slow down, this is serious. You need to respect it. Six days after we met, we went through our phones and deleted any other love interests that were there before.”

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